Concentration of Media


Concentration of media in Australia and New Zealand has been a factor in their media systems. NewsCorp and the Fairfax Group have seemly run up a monopoly on both nations. Combined, they own 88% of the newspapers that are sent around Australia. Fairfax has dominated the scene in New Zealand with nearly doubling the amount of newspapers owned compared to anyone else. Together, both of these groups own close to 90% of all media that is transferred throughout the airways and print in Australia and New Zealand. One of the issues also has to deal with the way news is distributed. Australia’s main news outlet on television is Media Watch which is funded by government ran ABC.

With centralizing media outlets, there is only one point of view to both countries. There isn’t a lot of different government ran media outlets and their source of news is being programmed by only two people. How is news perceived by the people of Australia and New Zealand if they have different opinions? They are being force fed news that may not be the news they want to here. NewsCorp and Fairfax could program whatever they want because they control all of the media outlets but 10%. It may be reliable news at the time, but there comes a time where questions arise of sketchy news.


New Zealand is known for its extensive political blogging. There have been numerous times where a blog has been published that have brought up controversy. Some include prison experiences by high profiled bloggers such as Tim Selwyn and Martyn Bradbury. They were charged with sedition because of blog posts. When the media is controlled by one ruler, nothing that the people want to hear will get out to the public.

-C.J. Waldron


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