Not enough IT workers in NZ

While it doesn’t seem to be as pressing as the political divide or the problems of the indigenous culture clash on New Zealand, it also can’t be overlooked that New Zealand is facing a major shortage of IT experts. Without these skilled workers smaller and medium-sized businesses fail to benefit form exciting new technologies.

The island needs hundreds of more IT men who know web strategy, search marketing, and web design. Without these men New Zealand is hindered from moving into the digital economy said Keusgen, Google New Zealand country manager.

New Zealand also needed hundreds more skilled IT workers who were trained in jobs like web strategy, search marketing and web design, he said.

“We don’t have the people to enable New Zealand to move into the digital economy,” Keusgen said. The businesses and agencies of the nation are desperate for the right people. Moreover with the governments new UFB or Ultra Fast Broadband Plan, the firms cannot even benefit from this positive development.


Keusgen spoke at the MinkStorm conference in Auckland and mentions how there are currently over a hundred digital related jobs online for New Zealand. They are unfilled despite the fact that they are “well paid, creative and globally relevant.”

As a solution Google New Zealand has teamed up with the University of Auckland to help address the shortage issue. They will not only run web training courses at the University but also give recent graduates the opportunity to meet with employers. Students are also invited to attend a complimentary weekend long training seminar assisting businesses with their online strategies. As a result of this seminar students will graduate with industry-recognized Google accreditation.

Keusgen hopes that by the end of the year New Zealand will see a hundred people in new digital jobs post courses and for the businesses across the country to benefit overall.

-Jenny Zhuo



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2 responses to “Not enough IT workers in NZ”

  1. yxt5059 says :

    This blog post surprised me because I never thought shorting a professional field would be an issue for a random country. So the information here is kind an eye-opening news for me. When we talk about New Zealand, my impressions to this country are the agriculture or tourism (think about a series of movie, The Ring –
    The solution Keusgen, Google New Zealand country manager, provides is to team up with the University of Auckland. In my opinion, if the government of New Zealand can attract more IT professionals to immigrate, this social problem may be able to be solving in a mean time. I believe training the students is a great idea; however, it will take several years for students to finish their education. Moreover, the policy should be more flexible which means training current students and attracting educated and experienced IT at the same time.
    Secondly, since the digitalization is part of the globalization, the shortages of IT professional is really hurting New Zealand. Interestingly, the statement of Keusgen reminds me the media control of other countries. If one day, the websites (like Google, Facebook, and YouTube) in New Zealand are all foreign investment, how would this change the economic structure in this country? If there is no Internet entrepreneurs who start up their own small or medium sizes business, how would this affect the online industry?
    Overall, this blog post reminds me the importance of “forming a country”, and we do need professionals from all the industries; moreover, to show respects to all different levels of workers is necessary, too.
    YingTing Tseng

  2. Marissa Peterson (@maris15p) says :

    This issue in New Zealand is extremely interesting. As some graduating students struggle to find jobs in the United States and other countries, New Zealand is basically begging for people to help in their IT departments. IT is extremely competitive and of course you have to be the best of the best and have an immense understanding of the subject to perform well. I feel that the system implemented by Google is a step in the right direction but I also feel that it devalues the prestige of an IT title or degree. It’s almost as if this program is opening up opportunities to anyone who can work a computer. Yes, most of us know how to work a computer and various applications, but to really understand what goes into a website, the creation of an application, or the coding of a program is a special gift and takes years to learn. Along with years of learning, the technology we are presented with is constantly changing and improving so it takes a special person to be well versed in IT and to continue to adapt the IT programs in universities all over the world takes a lot of work and too much time. The turnover rate for updating courses at universities is probably not fast enough for the amount of time it takes to change and improve our technology. I think the program needs to focus on the students who are majoring in IT and those who would in fact spend their lifetime in a career of IT rather than taking a temporary position just to help the situation New Zealand is in. These students deserve those opportunities and I definitely think New Zealand will be able to get the best of the best in the IT world.

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