Human Rights Watch

A group based out of New York has decided to take up a vendetta against the military and since then it has gone global. The Human Rights Watch says that it is creating an international coalition for a global treaty that would stand up against the creation of ‘killer robots.’ They are referencing the military drones that are currently being used and developed further if ever need in another war. The group warns against a ‘robotic arms race’ saying that if a country were to come out with a ‘Terminator-style’ robot it would only be a matter of time until someone else did. The London Division of this group has started the Campaign To Stop Killer Robots. The group says that a human should always be making he decisions when it comes to warfare weather it is on the battlefield or from a base mile away. The campaign is also joined by other groups that are against things like landmines, cluster munitions and the building of lasers. According to the article fully autonomous robots that make their own decisions could be possible within 20-30 years. To launch the campaign against killer robots the Human Rights Watch wheeled out a home-made robot which sat outside the Houses of Parliament in London.


One response to “Human Rights Watch”

  1. Ashley Beatty says :

    I found this article to be extremely interesting… and scary. In Hollywood a lot of ideas are expressed and the public simply over looks the possibility that it could actually happen. For example, the Terminator films are very popular; however, it is a possibility that robots that could override commands and begin to make this own decisions (another example of this is Eagle Eye).

    I do like the idea of robots fighting in combat because it will save hundreds of soldiers lives. Robots will also be able to enter areas that can be dangerous for humans. In regards to the group based in New York and the Human Rights group, further research should be done to educate both parties as well as ensure that a Robot apocalypse won’t happen.

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