“It’s Not Just Cricket”

What baseball is to the US, cricket is the Australia. This article discusses the fate of the Australian cricket squad as they prepare for The Ashes tournament in England this summer. Chris Rogers was recently added after his solo Test in January of 2008. Test cricket can be related to professional baseball but instead of traveling to different states these players are international. Test cricket is the longest sport of cricket. The matches are played between two teams that have acquired ‘test status’ which is determined by the International Cricket Council over a period of five days. These matches are considered the most complete examination of the teams playing ability and endurance. As of right now there are only ten national teams that have Test status; the most recent team was Bangladesh in 2000. The playing time for these matches are five days and for every one day there are three two-hour sessions with a forty minute break for lunch and another twenty for tea. Like baseball cricket plays in innings and during each inning one-team bats but instead of pitching it is called ‘bowling.’ This July will start off the oldest rivalry between Australia and England. The first Test match between the two was in 1882 and has been an ongoing tradition since. “Quest for the Urn” will start July 10th with a series of five Test matches in England against the defending champs. After the series ends the victor will be presented with an urn that is said to contain the ashes of cricket equipment. Image



One response to ““It’s Not Just Cricket””

  1. Remy Raphael says :

    I find the emphasis on sports from culture to culture so fascinating. If a person should travel to the United States, they would see American’s love for football. Travel to Europe and you will see how important soccer (or European football) is to citizens. Here in Australia, we see how passionate Australians are about cricket. I feel that sports really define a culture. You can tell a lot about the ethics, morals and values of a culture through sporting events that are highlighted in each country. Let’s take a look.
    In America, football is worshipped by everyone in the country. As many people know, football is highly aggressive and confrontational. This is directly correlated to the behavior in our society. We are very outspoken and tend to be aggressive and bold in our speech and actions.
    Australians, however, are not like this. Cricket is more laid back and casual, and this is very symbolic of the Australian lifestyle. Australians are less concerned about time and schedules, putting more emphasis on humor and less emphasis on structured business.
    This article was interesting to read because I was able to make this connection and see how correlated sports are to a culture and society in each country. These differences make our world a truly fascinating place to be a part of.

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