New Zealand’s Media: Television, Radio, Internet, and Newspapers


Television in New Zealand differs from the television we have here in America. There are plenty of different providers that we can access television compared to a select few they have in New Zealand. SKYTV was a monopoly for the private television besides the public broadcasts for nearly ten years until recent launch of Freeview in 2007. Along with Fairfax New Zealand, they dominate the distribution of media.


New Zealand only has 27 networks for radio. They may be a small country, but with the conglomerates that come from Australia, there is no room for more advancement. They have a struggle with the power of the signals as well due to indigenous parts of the country and high concentration of the population in only a few cities.


Blogging has become a big part of the New Zealand internet front. New Zealand political groups and politicians are big on blogging as they promote campaigns and discuss policies with Parliament. They are also ones to allow active comments on blog posts unlike other political blogs overseas. Some controversy has gone with blogging, such as in 2006 when a famed blogger was convicted of sedition. They have seen controversy with socialist groups and breaching classified information to the public. In recent years, most newspapers have been getting their breaking stories from bloggers rather than their own reporters. New Zealand hopes to stretch its footprint to nearly 70% of the country with high speed internet by 2019.


Newspaper has been on a steady declining source of media all over the world and New Zealand is no different. With the recent explosion of breaking news information, television, radio, and the internet, newspaper just cannot keep up with the overload of information. Newspapers are printed in both English and the native Maori, sometimes totally separated or with subtitles for the native culture of New Zealand. There are four major newspapers that are distributed throughout different parts of the island. Fairfax New Zealand controls nearly 50% of all distribution of newspapers.Image


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