Australia is Fed Up With Poor Mobile Coverage

Disgruntled cell phone users will get the opportunity to voice their opinions at a summit being held in July

The number of complaints from cell phone users in Australia has reached an all-time high.   More than half of the complaints received by Aussie cell phone companies such as Ombudsman and Vodaphone are that customers are having trouble with mobile coverage.  Is response to these issues, the Australian Communications and Media Authority are planning to head a summit involving telecommunications industries and their consumers.

What’s making these customers even more upset is not only that the company they’ve chosen has shoddy phone service, but that they’re also locked into long-term contracts with these companies.  This means that they need to stick with companies that they’ve grown unhappy with or face substantial contract termination fees.

Another related issue that’s been raised is that poor coverage is not a problem that’s covered by any industrial codes.  There is no mandatory law that states that all cell phone companies are required to carry exceptional service in all supported areas.

This upcoming summit to be held in July will give consumers a chance to speak their minds to the telecommunications industry and try to get a solution set in motion for the problem.  Consumers have shown support for the idea of an industry standard for coverage, but ACMA spokesman Chris Chia has stated that the problem is one to be solved by the competitive market.  “Consumers at the moment are free to essentially make choices amongst their providers… Our competitive market presumably has an important role to play there.”

Lou Iatarola



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