Australian Media Team Impressed by Pakistan Press Freedom


By: Dylan Colaneri

In recent years, the press freedom in Australia (as noted by Reporters Without Borders) has been ranked as high as 30th worldwide. Newspaper delegations have sought out other countries to explore various degrees of press freedom and reportage. But few could have predicted what country Oliver Perret and Jenny Zang of the Sydney Epoch Times were most intrigued by–Pakistan.

Perret, who is a project manager for the Australian newspaper delegation, said that after visiting Pakistan his impressions of the government and press laws have changed dramatically–and for the better.

Because most Australian newspapers are owned by Rupert Murdoch, Perret quickly discovered that they didn’t have half the newspapers Pakistan had, noting that most of the newspapers in his country had a strong editorial standard. Jenny Zang, who also accompanied Perret, noted that the different media streams in Australian had different relations (Pro-US, Pro-China) unlike that of Pakistan. Zang was pleasantly surprised to find that the press was so free in Pakistan and that the reportage was completely unfettered in Pakistani newspapers. The media tandem added that the country itself was beautiful and unlike most of the associations linked to Pakistan through television and electronic media.

What do you think about Australia using Pakistan as a potential model for press freedom? Do you think it’s important for countries to explore other nation’s media systems to potentially improve their own?


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