Australia’s Slightly Slipped in Global IT Rankings

Australia’s dropped 9 spots in global IT rankings since almost a decade ago

Australia’s decline on the global ranking of investment and use of information technology hasn’t happened overnight.  It’s been almost 10 years since the country held the number 9 spot on the list and now Iceland has taken a lead over Australia.

This decline has still occurred even in the face of Australia’s Federal Government making a substantial investment in the National Broadband Network.  The main issue, it seems, lies in the country’s high cost of internet and mobile phones.

The Global Information Technology Report covers 144 economies and uses a wide range of information to determine where each country ranks when placed up against each other.  The authors of the report analyze data related to investment and IT structure as well as tax rates, individual internet use, levels of piracy and how difficult it is for someone to start up their own business.

This all isn’t to say that Australia has become technologically inferior, they’re still keeping up with most other countries and they aren’t slipping down the list fast.  Last year they were placed 17th out of 144 and officials remain optimistic about Australia’s future in regards to information technology.  It doesn’t matter in which field the country boosts its technology in to move up in the ranks, only that something significant happens.  But clearly, making technology more affordable in Australia would be the best place to start.

Lou Iatarola



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