Honoring the Legend of a New Zealand Journalist



By: Dylan Colaneri

          You could definitely make the argument that Peter Arnett is one of New Zealand’s greatest journalists. You could also make the argument that he is one of the world’s greatest journalists, too. With that being said, it is no surprise that one New Zealand film maker is currently raising money to make a film about New Zealand’s greatest war correspondent.

          Bruce Nixon has been working on a 90-minute documentary on the life of journalist Peter Arnett since 2011. Arnett was certainly from a rare breed of journalists–with many pegging him as having a fearless style to his work. Nixon wants his audience to understand how incredible Arnett’s life was and how meaningful his story-telling was for his country. 

          It has been reported that the future film has received an initial grant from the Invercargill City Council and was accepted into a 60-day fundraising scheme for the pilot stage of Boosted, a sponsorship website of the New Zealand Arts Foundation.

          Peter Arnett is currently 77 years old and a professor of journalism at Shantou University in China. His amazing career work covers everything from the crises of the Vietnam War to the fall of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Arnett is certainly an icon in the New Zealand media community and was fortunate enough to win a Pulitzer Prize during his illustrious career. 

          What do you think about Peter Arnett being recognized for his work in a film? Should more journalists receive praise for their efforts to cover difficult topics and stories? 



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