New Zealand’s Most Attractive Industry in 2013



By: Dylan Colaneri

          The Annual Randstad Awards identify the most attractive companies in countries worldwide. The survey results are used to produce three kinds of reports focused on companies, countries and sectors. This year in New Zealand, the media industry has been named as the “most attractive industry” to work for at the 2013 Randstad Awards for the second year in a row. 

          The research from the annual Awards examines what New Zealanders consider most important when looking for a new employer, as well as the most attractive industries. The media industry has been evolving in New Zealand through the growth of social media. The industry received praise at the Awards for its interesting job content, employee benefits and competitive salary. 

          Similar to ABC and NBC in the United States, TVNZ (TV New Zealand) was named as the most attractive company in the media sector, and was recognized as the fourth most attractive employer in the country overall. Even with trends changing in the media industry, people remain positive about the job front and the future opportunities that it has to offer. 

          Paul Robinson, who is the director of the Randstad Awards in New Zealand, believes that the media sector is in a great position all-around and that companies will continue to maintain their momentum. With new and digital media booming throughout the world, it can only be estimated about how many new jobs and companies will emerge in New Zealand. What sector in the United States do you think is the most attractive industry to people?


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