Australian Doctor Dissects Video Gaming Addiction



By: Dylan Colaneri

          With the advanced digital technology we have today, it is safe to say that everyone knows someone who plays video games. But could someone actually have a real addiction to playing video games? Well, that’s exactly what Dr. Daniel King of the University of Adelaide wants to uncover with his new research.

          King has noted in his extensive research that a treatment could be crafted for video gaming addiction “if a standard definition of video addiction was adopted.” In his research, he reviewed data on harmful video game behaviors from around the world. However, King says there’s no clear consensus on what constitutes pathological gaming.

          I found it intriguing that a doctor from Australia is interested in diving into the world’s video gaming problem. I never thought about the concept of video game addiction but the industry has been booming for the last thirty years, so the importance of this research is vital for future generations of gamers.

          Dr. King acknowledged that “although there are some similarities, video gaming is not the same as gambling.” The research from the university has also shown that “pathological video gaming has its own set of addictive components which can be distinct to internet gambling or other behaviors like online shopping and using social media.”

          Some of the harms identified from potential video game addiction included damaged relationships, careers, sleep and health. And because the video game industry is attached to the large media sector of Australia, I think it is important for people to digest this information and think about the way they play video games. This research is applicable to the worldwide audience and should continue to be developed for our future generations. What do you think about video game addiction? Is it something that should be studied and treated as much as gambling addictions?


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