Australia’s Game Development Industry is Bouncing Back

Home-grown game developers are on the rise in Australia

During the global financial crisis, the future of Australia’s game development industry was looking very grim.  Dozens of gaming companies with international ties closed down nearly half of the employees in the industry have fled the scene.  Throughout the past couple of years, most of the income in the gaming industry was made from games designed for consoles such as the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii as well as PC games.  But now there’s been a dramatic change with the rise in the smartphone gaming industry.

Local game developers in Australia say that there’s big money to be made in the industry now as a result of the popularity that games and apps for mobile phones have received in recent years.  In fact, the world’s second most popular smartphone game, Fruit Ninja, was developed by a small company located in Brisbane, Australia and the game has now sold over 400 million downloads worldwide.  With this kind of success, it’s been predicted that the industry will be worth an estimated $80 billion worldwide within the next three years.

It’s clear that while the number of jobs in the Australian gaming industry has been greatly reduced, there are still plenty of opportunities for local businesses to make a profit from their own brands.  As an added bonus, the Federal Government has begun handing out $20 million worth of grants and business loans for digital gaming companies in an effort to jump start the industry and try to regain some of the losses that were incurred over the past few years.

Lou Iatarola



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