NZ Parliament Passes Gay Marriage Bill

Winning 77 out of 121 votes amongst the Members of Parliament the supporters cheered the victory to amend the 1955 Marriage Act allowing same-sex marriage. New Zealand is now the 13th nation to do so, the first in the Pacific Region. A memorable speech made by Maurice Williamson hit viral status as it mocks the fear of a “gay onslaught.”

He instantly became popular on all vessels of social media garnering about thousands of views on YouTube. As the Members of Parliament broke out into famous Maori love song “Pokarekare Ana” in celebration the joy is evident in the room.

However, the issue of gay marriage previously deeply divided the nation and with its recent passing, only time will tell how this change will affect New Zealand. The passing of the law also creates an interesting arena in terms of how other countries in the Pacific region will proceed; the pressure being on Australia, who’s current Prime Minister Julia Gillard, opposes same-sex marriage. Although recently a rainbow crosswalk was temporarily installed in Sydney. It was ordered to be removed but Clover Moore, Sydney’s lord mayer, supported the protest to keep it and a petition with 1000 signatures was drawn.


The city council argues for public safety as instances of more than 15 a month were spotted because people were lying or sitting in the road to take a photo. However, there were no accidents. Unfortunately, while the petition eventually collected up to 15,000 signatures the crosswalk is still going to be removed.

-Jenny Zhuo



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