University of Melbourne Launches “The Citizen”



By: Dylan Colaneri

          Having a strong journalism program is essential for any university that is seeking to impact the media industry. The University of Melbourne’ is doing just that. Recently, their Center for Advancing Journalism has launched The Citizen. The online publication is similar to many other large university publications and aims to incorporate stories written by both professional journalists and students who are in the Masters of Journalism program.

          I think this new addition at the University of Melbourne will help foster a new passion for budding journalists and increase the already popular media sector of Australia. The new editor-in-chief of this publication is Margaret Simons. Simons is also a freelance journalist and the director for the Center for Advancing Journalism at the university.

          Giving students the opportunity to work with professionals is vital for their growth as journalists and will certainly help foster new techniques and story-telling abilities. The Citizen will be funded through private, grant and university money but it mostly aims to “produce good journalism” from a wide range of topics.

          I believe it is important for young journalists to learn and experience the industry first hand prior to entering the “real world”. And because The Citizen will be linked to the Australian Press Council principles and the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance’s code of ethics, they are ensuring that their journalists are practicing the correct way and with the utmost integrity. Do you think it’s important for college-level journalists to have an experience like The Citizen prior to starting their careers?


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