Gillard Then and Now

Good’day mates! For today’s topic, we’re going to delve back into the recent history of Australian politics. The 2010 elections for the new federal government in Australia took place on August 21, 2010. The battle for votes was waged between the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal/National Coalition to gain seats within this Australian parliament. The government was established as an independent parliamentary democracy in 1901 back when Australia was a mere Commonwealth when the British colonies joined to become a federation.

The center-left Australian Labor Party (ALP), led by Julia Gillard is known for its constituents comprised of workers and members of unions, while the center-right Coalition, led by Tony Abbot, is known as the primarily conservative party and combines the Liberal Party of Australia and the Nationals. The fourth and last political party is the Green Party, which centers it’s ideas on environmental sustainability.

You might be asking what happened to previous ALP leader Kevin Rudd. While he enjoyed a long time of praise and popularity, his approval ratings began to drop, and the remaining party leaders deemed him unworthy of winning of the next election. The ALP believed Julia Gillard would ensure a solid and smooth victory.

The reason I revisit this is because recently Julia Gillard’s approval ratings have dropped drastically. Although both her and her deputy, Treasurer Wayne Swan were both re-elected as the party’s leaders again, the party remains in turmoil. ALP Verteran Simon Crean who had previously voted for Gillard has now changed his alliance back to Rudd. However, he has since been sacked and other who seem to support Rudd may follow suit.

Rudd regrouped and challenged Gillard again in February 2012 but failed, though he has garnered a huge social media following. So currently the Prime Minister wages against bad public polling, a omnipresent predecessor, and questions of trust.

-Jenny Zhuo



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